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Professional proofreading is a lot more than just spotting the odd spelling mistake. A lack of accuracy in your writing at best looks careless and at worst hinders the expression of meaning. I can make sure that your text is crystal clear and makes the right impression.


My proofreading service includes correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and adherence to style guides. I also check overall consistency and clarity. 


Copyediting is a more in-depth edit that helps with overall readability. It includes all of the above plus fact checking, looking out for any legal issues, and suggestions to improve structure and style. 

Image by hannah grace

Project Management and Editing Packages 

I offer editing packages for publishers who need someone to take care of the process from first manuscript to final proofs. I work effectively with authors and production teams to ensure deadlines are met and that there is a polished final product that the whole team can be proud of. 

Image by Kenny Eliason


As an experienced teacher with over 13 years' experience I know what works well in the classroom. I enjoy creating modern, fit-for-purpose courses with resources that bring English learning to life. 

Technology is increasingly becoming invaluable in resource design and development. I am Avallain author certified and confident in working with a range of programs to create resources for modern teaching. 


My specialist areas are ELT and English Language and Literature, but I’m an efficient researcher and happy to take on writing projects from other related fields.

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